Learning to Play The Violin Is So Good For Your...

Brain Training

Learning to play the violin stimulates brain development! Making music is an
excellent activity for creating left and right brain connector pathways, expanding
your brain capacity.
When playing the violin your body's left and right side need to do totally different things independent of each other, which will only work with an engaged brain.
Also, learning a language is one of the best things you can do for your brain.
Learn the universal language of music, loved and understood all around the world!


Play your violin to relax and wind down from a stressful day.
Play your violin to create a safe place, where your mind finds
inner balance and is at peace.
Use your violin for music-guided, focused meditation!


Listening Skills

Learn to listen on a whole new level or retrain your ears. What does your violin sound need to make it shine even more? Experience how your trained ear will change and enhance your life!

Self Expression

Add a deeper level to your piece of music and learn how to make it YOUR piece.
Express yourself in your own unique way. Build self-confidence.
Experiment how improvisation can help your soul to surface.
There are many ways to present to the world what you have to share!



Purposeful Life

Sometimes life can be boring or miserable. All of us sometimes have to also deal
with unpleasant situations without the power to change what annoys us.
Play your violin to calm the mind and stop it from going around in circles.

Hand And Eye Co-ordination

Playing the violin requires perfectly timed coordination of
very small movements by your whole body.
Develop your fine motor skills!

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History Horizon

Get deeper into your favourite composer's music when studying
their life and historical influences.

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