I can help you if you...
...are a complete beginner, or a medium to advanced violinist who
   wants to be guided in finding your way with your violin

...are bored practising for no reason except for practice itself

...want to find a structure for your practice to be more efficient,
   using your time better

...want to express yourself through the violin

...want to learn to improvise

...want to free yourself from feeling incompetent

I can help you if you...
...want to free your mind and allow your soul to surface

...want to create your own music

...are a violinist with stage fright and self-esteem issue and
   want to overcome performance anxiety

...are a violinist who has difficulty memorising music

...want to understand the concepts of musical compositions

...want to learn to discover what is important for you in that piece
   and how to express this

As well you may want to...
...become a more holistic personality –
   beautiful souls are musical souls

...learn to listen to yourself and your needs

...become a more sensitive person

...explore what happens when you intentionally play
   your violin to bring joy to the world

As well you may want to...
...use the beauty of the violin to connect to others,
   give something back to the world,
   to nature, to animals,
   to people of your own or
   other cultures

...let the music help to heal yourself and the world

Let's get started!

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Language of instruction can be English or German.