Problems solved!

Problems solved!

Problems solved!

Over the years I have helped people of all ages and from all walks of life to improve their violin playing.
Making small adjustments can often make a big difference, as in these examples:


Paul, one of my adult students had self-taught himself after several years of having lessons with another teacher. He had developed bad posture which led to back pain after only 10 minutes of playing. I showed Paul some stretching exercises to counteract his posture problems. We re-adjusted his shoulder rest and within a few weeks Paul's posture became more natural and the pain disappeared.

Celina had problems understanding rhythm and found it very hard to keep it steady throughout a piece. We did a lot of clapping and stomping and walking along with a given rhythm which helped. She graduated in an external exam where she had to perform pieces with piano accompaniment for an examiner. It was fantastic to see how her confidence and self-esteem grew after accomplishing this.

Manuel is another of my adult students. He had problems getting the pitch right. That was mainly due to his tight wrist. We did some relaxation exercises for the wrist and it became less of a problem each week. He now really enjoys playing his violin and it sounds so much better!

Melanie didn't like the sound of her playing because of all the strange noises her bow made on the strings. We analysed the different aspects of playing with the bow and she discovered how long the bow actually is. With patience and perseverance, her sound changed and she can now decide with more confidence which part of the bow she wants to use for a particular part in the piece.

John is a very diligent student. He could play advanced pieces within a very short time, but he needed help discovering the music behind the notes. He needed to breathe more life and feeling into the music. We talked a lot about what he felt when playing pieces and after some time pictures and scenes started to develop in his head which he could then incorporate into his way of interpreting a piece. He was very proud when he was awarded first prize at a music competition.

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