My mission is to help you play your violin
so you can change the world

Hi, my name is Sabine, and I am so grateful to be able to help my students succeed
discovering their full potential on their violins.
All I can say is, "Thank you".

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My Steady Companion Through Life...

The violin was laid in my cradle and I began having lessons from the age of six. I have played in traditional orchestras and string ensembles, as well as more alternative bands and improvisation groups but I always felt that there was “something else” I needed to discover.
In 2012, I learned to see my instrument from a more spiritual perspective. I made the discovery of why the violin is more special from other instruments: No other instrument, not even the human voice sits as closely to the heart as the violin does.
In 2013, I took a leap of faith in trying something different –

The Instrument of the Heart...

I played my violin to some zoo animals. I have never had such an attentive audience before. At the end of this day I knew that my violin playing had developed into something excitingly different. The connection I felt with these animals took me on the next level of discovery.
When I travelled to Nepal in 2014. I played at orphanages, within a beautiful Nepalese forest, to an elephant and for a buffalo cow and her calf and some people who had never heard a violin before. The overwhelming connection I felt in all occasions has given me a new understanding of how powerful the violin is.

The Power of Violin - Music...

I do now understand that I have been called to the violin for a different reason and I am excited to share this with you.
Playing the violin gives us humans the chance to connect, heal and give something back to wherever our calling takes us.

I would like to help you learn to play this instrument of the heart and discover why it calls you.
If you have found my website, then we were meant to connect.Drawing(19)